It’s Time For a Fresh Round of Kmart and Sears Closings

Sears Roebuck, the nationwide department store retailer that Kmart would later acquire to form Sears Holdings Corporation, once studied census data to decide where to build new stores. Now the company is looking at its own balance sheets and shuttering stores, shuttering another 103 in the coming months.

This time, the retailer is closing 64 Kmart stores and 39 Sears stores, including some Sears Auto locations. As Hayley Peterson at Business Insider points out, this finally brings the company’s store total below 1,000 Kmart and Sears stores combined. The company has closed thousands of locations since its death spiral worsened in 2012.

Some of the stores slated for closure include locations that have been sold to Seritage Growth Properties, a real estate investment trust. Based on recent reports, Seritage will be able to get at least four times the rent per square foot by chopping up what used to be massive Sears stores and leasing them to multiple smaller tenants.

Click Play on This ’90s Wegmans Commercial With Caution

You know those local commercials that you bury in a far corner of your brain because they represent the worst of the late ’80s and early ’90s? This is one for me. I remembered Wegmans branding its store-brand sodas as WPOP. I would buy them out of the WPOP-branded vending machine, because of course there was one. I didn’t remember this ad, though, which proves that not everything Wegmans does is perfect. Despite what people in Wegmans-less markets like to believe. Continue reading “Click Play on This ’90s Wegmans Commercial With Caution”

I Found the Stupid Shipping Gang

It appears that the Stupid Shipping Gang went to work on Prime Wardrobe instead of packing every box for Amazon.

Free Queso For Sweater-Wearers at Chipotle Today


Are you in the mood for some extra cheese? Do you own a sweater? If the answer to both of these questions is “yes,” then perhaps you should stop by Chipotle today and check out the burrito eatery’s improved recipe for queso dip, since you can get a helping on top of your entrée for free today, 12/12. Continue reading “Free Queso For Sweater-Wearers at Chipotle Today”