Free Queso For Sweater-Wearers at Chipotle Today


Are you in the mood for some extra cheese? Do you own a sweater? If the answer to both of these questions is “yes,” then perhaps you should stop by Chipotle today and check out the burrito eatery’s improved recipe for queso dip, since you can get a helping on top of your entrée for free today, 12/12.

There are two conditions: The cheese sauce has to be on top of an entrée, and you have to be wearing a “cheesy” sweater. Perhaps this means an ugly holiday sweater, or perhaps something like this odd offering from Shelfies.

Chipotle’s Twitter account is recommending that customers call their local restaurants to ask whether the locations will allow them to get the free cheese without a “cheesy” (whatever that means) sweater.

The account is also assuring people that the chain has updated the queso recipe, and it is definitely not terrible now.

Isn’t showing up without a sweater and demanding cheese anyway really the cheesiest sweater of all? No? No, I guess not.

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